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During this week’s “Alternatives for Low Carbon City Architecture and Life” conference in Shenzhen, China, we sat down with Rocco Yim to ask him how his work—driven by his interest in connecting cultures— is related to the pursuit of low-carbon or sustainable design. Yim explained the core values that motivate his approach to design, revealing his attitudes towards technologically-driven design solutions. Read on to see what Yim believes to be the essence of succesful urban spaces.  ArchDaily: Your main research interest is in reconnecting cultures, so from a low-carbon or sustainability point of view, how do you think these two topics are interchangeable or related to each other? Rocco Yim: Well, first of all, my interest in connecting cultures arises from my belief that architecture is not just an art. The biggest mistake is to think that architects are artists. That’s what is responsible for a lot of…how should I say this…junk that we see.  View more View full description
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