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This Chapel, offered to serve the community of San Pablo Parish of Placilla, is located in the north-eastern land of Curauma PUCV Campus and is intended to serve both the university community and the City of Curauma. It is located in a sunken courtyard that offers the possibility of multiple accesses by trails that converge to it. It has a total of 320 m² and an interior capacity of 250 seats. In addition, it has an atrium that extends the capacity to some 500 more people, because the bases on the west and south facades can be completely open and can also be covered, allowing that area so as to project the interior of the Chapel outward. The Chapel appears as a reinforced concrete cube perched on a wooden base, which is broken on two fronts to extend its interior to the public space. The interior of the chapel is oriented in its diagonal, covering the maximum inner distance and thus configuring three converging aisles: one central and two lateral. View more View full description
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