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The assignment entrusted to República Portátil by Club Mate Chile and Zambó Assaí consisted on the development of their new commercial offices located in the business core of Franklin’s district, in the commune of Santiago. This neighborhood was founded on the periphery of Santiago city. It gradually started taking a strong commercial character giving way to the development of the huge Persa Bío-Bío market. Over the years, this place has become one of the most important points of sale of antiques and used items in the capital. To go through it, it is necessary to go into large warehouses and several blocks of commercial space, some of which were set up as such, while others have been installed spontaneously. In this context, and framed within a recent business growth, Franklin district welcomes new commercial proposals of various scales, among which is the aforementioned business core. The offices are located in a three story building equipped with parking lots, freight elevators and a number of large spaces for companies. View more View full description
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