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The 1100 m2 multi-purpose hall and the latest two-level addition to Gammel Hellerup High School just north of Copenhagen, provides existing students with generous spaces for social and creative unfolding, while increasing the capacity of the school in response to its growing popularity. Originally a building adjacent to the campus, the gymnasium facilities became insufficient; Gammel Hellerup High School lacked a large multi-functional space for physical activities, graduation ceremonies and social gatherings. In response, BIG designed a multi-purpose hall for the physical education and social development of the students, drawing its signature curve from the physics of a handball being thrown. Placed 16.5 feet (5 meters) below ground in the school’s courtyard, the hall is passively temperature controlled and does not impose on its context. Above ground, the hall’s softlycurved roof is an informal meeting place. The edge of the roof is designed as a long social bench, perforated with small windows to provide natural daylighting below. The shape of the roof is based on the formula for a ballistic arc. Form follows formula! View more View full description
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