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In consideration of tourism ventures that are developing in the neighborhood Pedro Montt, this work emerges as interested in creating a common and public meeting space, for its neighborhood, conforming as a sort of a reception, a welcome, in a multiple flexible space which characterizes the neighborhood, surrounding the art, the culture for the tourist ... Programmatically it was complex thinking that a small cafe could be self-sustained, so it was integrated as a form of a "suites hotel" with few rooms, yet supporting this public space - a small coffee hotel- gallery. Since this problem, it was proposed to formally separate the programs, visually conceiving two projects, two independent “palafitos” (stilt-houses,) "hotel and cafe". Thus a unique access was put together where one enters a hotel and a cafeteria.  The public space is proposed as a large exterior enclosed by two outer facades in triple height, "of wooden siding and shingles" like the idea and simulating the situation between the stilt-houses, "its narrow gaps" and from which it derived its name of a "Patio ". This triple height, in turn, can decorate, mount exhibitions around the theme of Chiloe and the stilt-houses, constituting a place that offers in turn a view and a thought of "place", thus leading views to the sea and its irreverent tide. Within the idea of a ​​"Patio", the translucent covering is proposed, sharpening and emphasizing the idea of ​​an illuminated exterior space. View more View full description
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