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Tucheng Sports Center is composed of three interlocking volumes that stack on top of each other. Both the red (basketball courts) and the grey massing (ice hockey rink) cantilever 9 meter out from the blue massing (swimming pool) which create a continuous walkway beneath for semi-outdoor activities such as casual strolling, rock climbing and street dancing. The exterior of the building is cladded with a composite window/wall system that incorporates perforated aluminum in the front and glass/insulation in the back, which allows sunlight to be filtered gently into the interior space. With this cladding system, one is able to look out from within with maximum transparency, but at the same times provides privacy when looking from outside inwards with maximum opacity. Moreover, the design of exterior is composed with an array of gradient colors which reflects the analysis of heat gain/loss (using lighter color panels for the most heat gain area, darker color panels for the least heat gain area). View more View full description
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