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Rethinks Classroom to Integrate Technology As the first school in Chicago—and perhaps the entire United States—purposefully designed for Blended Learning, Intrinsic’s multi-functional learning environments necessitated a reconfiguration of the traditional classroom. In a Blended model, teacher-led instruction is supplemented by individualized software- based learning, so large, open “pods” have been organized around modalities, allowing a single space to simultaneously offer direct instruction, peer-to-peer learning, and independent work. Subtly delineated in the flooring, each area is tailored
 to a specific use. Below an oversized, custom-built shade—a wayfinding element and acoustic dampener—a large table facilitates group projects and student-led learning. Focused around a big board—a writeable projection surface—traditional instruction takes place at two locations in the pod. Around the edges, counter- style desks of varying heights face the wall and create a “coastline,” allowing students to direct their attention to individual tasks. This environment, as well as adaptive software, serves the student’s ability to learn at his or her own pace. View more View full description
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