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“A great empty space, a square + two pavillions” Expo gate is a place where the articulation of the days left to the opening event becomes an occasion to talk about growth and evolution. The calendar of the events, the regular transformation of the space and the structures are introducing the vitality of Expo 2015. The project proposes an open plate, a free space characterized by a central square and two tollbooths –like pavilions on the side: a gate access to Expo. The structures on the outside are thought to welcome different types of communication: images, banners, flags, light graphics can transform periodically or build a temporality creating thus a different connection with time. The context as value The work aims at that axial system which goes from the Duomo through the passage of the Loggia dei Mercanti and the Palazzo della Ragione and then along via Dante which leads to the Arco della Pace on the path of the Sempione road. For this reason the work, with its internal empty space and the two pavilions is of great communicative impact considering also its strategic position. Besides creating a complimentary relation with the context, it aims at highlighting the monumental features creating a gate, an access to a precise urban dimension. An access gate to Expo which is a physical space to provide information. View more View full description
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