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DCA OFFICE is an example of Adaptive reuse. We reused the existing warehouse structure and then retrofitted the building for our particular purpose. The office conforms to BOX IN BOX concept. The space needed to be flexible, providing both private and communal spaces, while allowing for daylight to travel throughout the space. As we enter, the Reception divides the space into two parts-interaction zone and the studio. Interaction zone is a large hall with two glass and wooden boxes for meetings with clients and vendors and the larger remaining space serves as a multipurpose hall. It is where the demonstrations, mock ups, internal team meetings and training happen regularly. This also acts a lunch room and resource center.  For the working zone “The most important thing the Partner’s wanted was to create a high level of interaction between its studio and projects team. A set of four boxes was thus introduced here to allow privacy to the partners, finance and projects head. The floor units and low height brick partitions were designed as to create further subdivisions for the design and projects team. The Accounts department was segregated from the studio, giving them required privacy and quiet environment.  View more View full description
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