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A couple and their child choose a sloping plot of land on which to build their house and raise their family. Their wishes stimulate two ways of living and guide three worlds: the parents’, the child’s, and a third shared one.  There is an initial desire to be buried underground expressing the attraction of living in the secret of a subterranean base, Pegasus (referring to a US Comic of the 1980s). There is always a seething quality of underground life, a whole social life which runs through the world. The earth here encompasses the individual and describes an immersion in an incalculable mass.  The other desire displays a suspension of the flesh in the sky. Air and light become the agents of a continuous event: something is in transition, a delicate atmosphere fills the motionless body, the souls drifts in a melancholy way without  changing with the matter. The idea of disappearance appears in the perception of these two desires inscribed on their bodies: disappearance in matter and disappearance of matter in order to go on living come what may. View more View full description
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