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Downtown Seattle was transformed into a playground for people of all ages in September with Pop-Up! Street Furniture, an creative take on interactivity in the built environment. Eight movable modules combine to create endless configurations capable of forming either seating or play space for a dozen people. The project was realized by Seattle-based LMN Architects, leading an inter-disciplinary team of students, professionals, designers, manufacturers, and contractors, intent on stimulating ordinary streets in the city's downtown core. Created for the Seattle Design Festival, the project created a temporary hub for conversation, play, and engagement. Read more after the break on the many uses of Pop-Up! Street Furniture in Seattle Inspiration for the project stemmed from a desire to create opportunities for users to configure their own space within a public context. Simple, rudimentary blocks offer endless configurations to be determined by the user, providing an interactive experience on an elemental level. Pop-Up! Street Furniture capitalizes on the Seattle Design Festival's 2014 theme of "Design in Motion," offering public sculpture responsive to the needs of its users. According to the creators, the project "explores the transient aspects of street life and temporal nature of festivals through the creation of movable, interchangeable, multipurpose objects." View more View full description
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