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The world of corporate marketing communication is all about grabbing eyeballs and our clients are one of the largest outdoor media companies in the country. Today, through outdoor or out-of-home (OOH) advertising, corporate brand identities are ubiquitous to the urbanscape. An extremely potent form of communication, it relies heavily on high visual impact in  a fleetingly brief engagement.  Its clamorous visual language acts as an overlay or imprint on the urban built language. It intrepidly uses built volume and urban inserts to increase its visibility or to accent its messaging. Its contribution to urban culture ranges from adding to its chaotic visual cacophony to inspiring its street art. The approach of our design was to investigate the notion of  identity (corporate, organisational and individual) and its urban projection.To this end, we explored, semiotically, the most common idiom of  identity, the thumbprint. The shimmering, fluttering, red screen perforated with the company's logo is an idiom for its “digital identity”. The idiom changes to that of the identity of the individual within the organisation in the thumbprint ceiling of the entrance lobby within.  We felt that the architecture must project an arresting visual language and  the split second impact of a roadside billboard while simultaneously commiting to a deeper value and meaning to  the organisation, the edifice and the occupant. View more View full description
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