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Located behind main hall of 20-storey office building, named Thanh Cong, the office is designed to be a highlight of the whole first floor space of the building in which interior designs is at nowhere near contemporary design. In demand jobs with fresh and modern designs, the office space is expected to be inspiration for designers working inside and for those who pass by the chamber. Actually, this idea has succeeded in attracting attentions from the outside. Particularly, the design get benefits from chosen of materials of glass and gypsum since transparency of big glass curtain walls running from floor to ceiling, being paired to each others without any mullions; associating with brightness from white color of plaster, have effected on perception about a large, open, and unified space that is relatively small with area of 90 square meters (6m x 15m), and height of 3.9 meters. In addition, this combination creates visible comfort as visions are not blocked at any directions, enabling friendly and open communications from people. View more View full description
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