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El Carajo house is located in Los Salados ecological park in La Fe dam, 30 miles south-east of Medellin. Its core values are rooted in respectful dialogue with the environment, promoting multiple relationships with the landscape and in the translation of elements of traditional architecture, in line with the demands of contemporary life components. Make part of landscape The particular place with its geographic, landscape and environmental characteristics, were determinant in the volumetric configuration, the siting and spatial layout of the house. The north facade (convex) is composed of concrete walls, pierced by deep openings that frame the surrounding landscape and accompany the main circulation. In the center of this façade a black volume (vestibule) stands to provide access and help organize the interior circulation. On the side walls, small openings allow a more intimate relationship with vegetation. More transparent and open to the landscape, the south facade has a slight concavity as an attempt to dialogue with the organic form of the dam. The roof bends to face the dam separating itself from the facade and creating a gap under the eaves, a threshold that reduces tension between interior and exterior. View more View full description
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