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The Spatial Reproduction of Time Space is projected by time, and time presents itself by constructing. Time leaves a trace with space, but the real space changes by the flow of time. If time is what really exists inside our consciousness, it is certain that we can reproduce it as a substantial figure. Architecture is the work of imagery of time we sense as an uncertain being. Therefore, architecture is historical as a meaningful process to present the diachronic and synchronic value of the being. As Time is Piled up, As Books are Piled Up “I have at least 2,000 books.” The building owners told me quite an interesting story while asking me for design. The owner couple’s hobby with many books was the main point of the concept as well as an attractive condition. The story about the books led me into the imagination about the exciting spatiality on the design. Just like the motif about the books, the existing building had an interesting spatial structure, too. View more View full description
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