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Three periods and three buildings: the Renaudin house, a large 19th-century mansion resting peacefully at the foot of a listed cedar tree, overlooking gently sloping  grounds very close to the town center; a bland extension from the 1980s; and the new building designed by the agency that highlights the grounds' plant-life heritage and its topography in order to clarify the way this venue is seen and is incorporated into its select environment. For its first approach to this sort of brief, the agency moved away from the usual scheme of things and broke with the overly hospital nature of nursing homes. By playing up the venue's landscape qualities, the agency studied the world of hotels and created a parallel between them. The new extension stands in the lower part of the grounds on property's western edge. The spaces between the buildings have been laid out in landscaped sequences with a French-style garden for the Renaudin house, a large meadow to the right of the first extension and fir-tree under-growth between the older and newer extensions. A new east-west diagonal path links the renovated existing buildings and connects them to the new building with a glassed-in passageway that passes over the undergrowth. View more View full description
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