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We understand social-sustainabilityas any building that is appreciated by their neighbours that maintain an ongoing relation with it. That’s why the transformation of the oldslaughterhouse from the Spanish village of Traspinedo (Valladolid) in the Resin Interpretation Centre, better known as CIR, was raised according to a dual commitment: -As an iconic reading of the rural area where the building was settled, dissolving the vernacular references into abstract schemes that were used as guidelines for the building composition. Not only its gable roof and scale are referring to the environment, but also other elements such as the large swing entrance gate were designed as a nod to local construction traditions. -As a multipurpose building able to meet the different requirements of the neighborhood and village: The Center is not used just as an exhibition building but also is used as tools storage, job training space, and even as daily work place. Theauxiliarybuildingcontainsthe utility room, offices and restrooms. View more View full description
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