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Place in common space It is a housing complex in five story and 13 households that builts like overcrowding the small factory and the house in surroundings. In the situation in which the site was almost enclosed in the building, it was thought that it had not only relies on the surrounding for the dwelling environment but also it made it . A common space plays the role here. The lighting, ventilation ,and view, and the element requested outside is usually taken in construction, and shared with each unit. A common part is related around according to the number of stories and the direction the accumulated unit that continues from ground to the roof through the stairs and the open ceiling, and choosing the omission on the roof of the road and the near unoccupied land and the neighboring house. The wind comes off through an upper and lower floor, and the light of the sun enters from various directions through a day . Externals are composed of an window that doesn't distinguish an unit and a common space . A common space in each floor is a place like the interior attached to each unit by a little expanding or more width than a usual passage ,and as a similar scale to the unit. View more View full description
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