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Legacy ER operates a hybrid program offering urgent care and 24/7 state-licensed emergency medical care services within a freestanding 8,432 SF building. Conceptualized as a potent reflection of the organization’s identity, the architecture sought to capture in aesthetic terms the duality of the emergency medical professionals' character, projecting outwardly the knowledge, skill, precision, and decisiveness necessary for the competent practice of emergency medicine and expressing inwardly the gentle, empathic, and humanistic qualities of the persons beneath the robe. Situated among open fields and nondescript suburban development, the project administered an episodic architectural intervention to agitate the chronically lethargic context beyond its lot line. Beginning with a landscape design strategy that reconciled nature and man-made settings, drought-tolerant vegetation species such as the cedar elm trees, pink muhly grass, weeping love-grass, and buffalo-grass were selected and subtle grading of land were composed to evoke memories of natural landscape forms. The soft- and hard-scape elements seamlessly dissolved their boundaries along the public domain. View more View full description
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