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"Gianni Rodari’s fairy tales, recollection and dream of the strange magic of being a child” by Alfonso Femia The project to design a new children’s cultural centre inside what was formerly Villa Sottanis in Casarza Ligure involves the construction of a library, toy library and auditorium. A number of verses written by Gianni Rodari, who was and still is the greatest fairy tale writer of the 20th century, have been chosen to represent the new centre. The cultural and playful nature of the project can be interpreted through his works that the building explicitly pays tribute to. The key words underscoring the design philosophy/strategy are villa, interior, exterior, multi-functionality, flexibility, new, old, pathway, surprise, public, “homely”, day and night. These words are aimed at providing clarity without losing anything, emphasising without reciting, using without devaluing. View more View full description
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