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A Catholic temple is essentially a place to achieve communication between the Divine and the Human. The chapel for the Gimnasio Campestre and its surrounding community, is a building that spatially expresses this contact that results from producing a levitating deck, the divine, on an undermined space, the human, so that the temple is just the compressed space in tension between the two parts. When occupied the user comprehends the earthly and the spiritual condition of humans and the space acquires its sacred character without superficial gadgets. The temple is then generated by the contact between the two parts, and its physical understanding is an act of faith. The undermined space houses all the activities that help prove the worldly character of the church and expresses the fundamental Catholic idea that "we are seed from another land." Each of the sites of the program extend outward within the excavated area to allow their participation with the weather conditions and strengthen its material nature. The roof levitates over the space and proposes a reflection on the spiritual, as it serves as home to the school founder’s garden and his tomb, the one of Dr. Alfonso Morales Casas. The temple then changes the geographical site in which it is located. View more View full description
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