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As a follow-up of the master renovation plan for the Nuevo Continente School, campus Queretaro, comes the opportunity for this new exercise which corresponds to the pre-school building It is one of the key pieces for the school’s image, since it is not only the pre-school building, but it is the piece through which people enter the complex. It is also the direct contact with the city, taking full dialogue with the urban strip, which, though shy, is already present all the way to this side of the city. The project is totally generated under three vital premises so as to accomplish the task: meeting a very tight budget, carrying construction in only 5 months and reusing the existing structure as much as possible. After analyzing these points and carefully providing proper functioning to the building, a clear and basic architectural plan is established; a simple executable scheme, achievable in the short term as agreed. Following these rules, the palette of materials responds directly to the determining factors: a building that could be prefabricated in a high percentage, allowing, if you will “assembling all the pieces on site”. View more View full description
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