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The old buildings dotted across the Llanada, or plain, of Alava, which make up small village communities, are rather like large warehouses used for a number of purposes: family home, cattle barn, etc. On the whole, these constructions are very simple in shape, being heavy, with a double sloping roof and small windows. New buildings obligatorily follow the typology of the old, with regard to the dimensions of their grounds plans, outer perimeters, the proportions between sides, the size of the windows and their composition, materials, and so on. These great domestic containers, survivors from another time, rarely offer the living conditions required today as they are severely lacking in lighting and ventilation. They do however, offer some interesting features: bluntness of form and individuality. Lets us admit the idea of a barn dwelling as a starting point. We have here a clear example of the clash between tradition and modernity. View more View full description
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