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After climbing the hill we thought, ingenuously, that the best way of being established here would be to lie down on a carpet protected from the Sun for a parasol. A carpet that we’d be able to wrinkle to be more comfortable, a parasol that rises and goes down, changing the character of the space that it covers, adaptable to the positions of the body. House and body are recognized in that both are opened systems, in constant exchange with the exterior. It would be interesting also to prolong a bit the experience of ascension, to construct a new top, to inhabit the peak. To formulate a complex relation between two simple planes, or a complex plane that formulates simple relations (above below, out inside, floor-roof). It depends on if we read the object or the space... The variations obtain, surprisingly, an expressive and unitary vision of the object and contribute different relative positions with regard to the planes that they form; the continuity in the movement dissolves the limits between the different latitudes. Probably this way let's find a structure that obtains the transverse exchange that we want between the stable interior and the inconstant exterior, flowing in oblique way among spaces of different tone, here buried, there highly, with the stable look on the horizon. View more View full description
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