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This work is part of the Setouchi Triennale 2013. In Shiwaku Islands including Honjima, there were a large number of carpenters (over 400 master carpenters) from the late Edo era to the Meiji era. Shiwaku carpenters were the people who were a shipwright made use of the high technique and came to make house and Domiya. It is seemed that they widened a range of work to the place where not only the Setouchi coast but also a goods-carrying merchant ship arrived at. However, the old man who retired himself from the carpenter and comes to only live in Honjima now. I began activity of the technical preservation of the Shiwaku carpenters about 20 years ago, because I would like to hand down their technique somehow. Recently, I hold a carpenter experience with children labeled as Shiaku carpenter school, and Shiwaku carpenters exhibition. It is a part of this activity that construction of 17 public baths in Tohoku area as supporting project "ZENKON-YU" of the Great East Japan Earthquake disaster. The scene of refuge where we went as ZENKON-YU project gave a shock to us. There were both carpenters and architects in refuge, but the disaster demoralized and deprived people’s construction activity. There were powers of live and desperate efforts for building in illegal houses of the post-war years of recovery. Time of 65 years might take them away from us. I decided to challenge to the Setouchi Triennale 2013 for regaining powers and desperate efforts in our hand. View more View full description
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