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Collaborators: Carlos Domínguez Santana, Daniel Rojas, Luis Sarabia, Margarita Aldeamil, Ana Peigneux Lojo, Natalia Domínguez Santana, Juan Enrique Álvarez Cabezuelo, Manuel Cifuentes Antonio, Cristina Gómez Abecia, Alfonso Peralta Muñoz, Javier Mosquera González, Jorge Sánchez Limón, Judith Sastre Arce Amplify or build a new building. What is the critical mass that converts the former into the latter? From the outset we understood that the building to be rehabilitated (the old school in C/Sarmiento, located in the historic centre of Pontevedra) should be completed with a construction that made it a unit, in a new block of the city. But such was the importance of the program required, around 10,500 m2, that it was truly difficult to balance said construction with that which existed already. View more View full description
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