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A 1600m2 lot in Miraflores was subdivided. The intervened lot is 800m2. It required a new main entrance with parking and a kitchen / laundry. The existing lot consisted of a large garden with trees, a swimming pool with a terrace and a timber frame bungalow with living room, bedroom and bathroom. The new kitchen is located where there was an old warehouse with no roof. The walls and the existing tree were taken as guidelines for the planning of the new kitchen. The project was taken as an exercise to think about the architecture of a kitchen. The architecture of the pre-existing bungalow (built by Richard Malachowski in the 90s) has a condition of openness and explicit connection to the outside, due to its timber frame and glass enclosure. In designing the new kitchen we chose a space where the difference between inside and outside was very clear. This separation of atmospheres reinforces the experience of the interior space, and thus supplies another form of indoor / outdoor relationship to the site. View more View full description
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