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INCLUDED’s Shanghai Gucun community center is the latest attempt to create an affordable, mobile, scalable, and highly flexible center to serve the marginalized migrants of Shanghai. It can be moved with the community if they are forced to move.  The shipping container model was first conceived because of the high availability of used shipping containers in China.  The used containers, donated by OOCL, have been individually renovated and are meant to be detachable and transportable if the need arises.  Behind the flashing are bolted plates that can be removed in order to detach and transport the containers, allow us to protect the investment. Because the shipping container community center is meant to serve a large variety of different functions, from early childhood development, to adult workshops, to community meeting space, the interiors were designed to be highly flexible.  Four shipping containers together create one large classroom, but can be divided in two by a sliding room divider.  The room divider and cabinets also have whiteboard veneer so they can be used as teaching surfaces.  The three smaller nooks created by the longer containers, approximately 15 sqm each, allow space for a small library, quite play space, computer area, and a place to pin up student work. View more View full description
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