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You see it all the time. You walk into a firm and there, in the often open hangar-like space, you see a sea of people at their computers with headphones on, attempting to maintain their own sense of space in the face of pervasive distractions and the constant white noise of the studio environment. While it can be inspiring to see and hear everything that is going on in a creative office, and while it is healthy to engage co-workers, there are times when people need to “tune out”. But the space of headphones can not equate the true space of being alone and quiet. Fast Company recently queried “you” about why you hate open office layouts and the resulting onslaught of “disgust” yielded ten common complaints: [1] It’s loud [2] You are constantly interrupted [3] No privacy [4] There is always pressure to talk to people and be socially engaged [5] People are always peeking at your monitor—“That looks cool!” [6] Malodorous emanations [7] The curse of headphones [8] Everyone can hear every conversation about everything [9] No control over workspace [10] If you want privacy you have to stay super late or come super early View more View full description
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