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The Vertical Forest The sky well and the patio are the most important element of this space which decide stream line. Designer set a vertical forest to help the air circulation between indoor and outdoor, like a lung for air-breathing animal. Skin The facade was combined by three different material and build in different scale. The sunshine irradiate throw different windows by different direction. all the layers has Skylight The concept of the architecture is utilizing four different sky well and five patio appear by retreating the architecture to solve the problem: the house is too closed to other buildings. Screen Designer wants to keep the delight on the path while we walk in the traditional Chinese architecture. The fence makes visitor could smell the fragrance of cypress but see the beautiful metal structure. go toward the living room, there will be a swing door decorated by black bamboo, becomes a focal point of a long corridor. We can view, we can read and even go through the beautiful structure View more View full description
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