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SM'1 House is the house of the architect who has his wife and two daughters. Everyone who constructs wants to build his house but it's said to be difficult to do such a thing easily. The excuse that architects have not established their construction world, vague fear and hesitation seem to make they feel a heavy burden. I had been in such troubled and delayed it, during thinking 'I have to do something as a architect and a father' for the closest people called 'Family', I watched a father's story on the media accidentally and the story haunted me. It's said that the house is a place where children's value memories are and makes them keep their memories of childhood a lot.  However, most people build their house tremendously for a couple after children grew up and leave their parents. I blamed myself for ' Are there spatial sympathy of family during living the apartment for dozens of years? How often do we communicate with each other? in that space". During I was thinking about these questions, I liked to build a house as soon as possible and then I put the thought in practice. At home, I don't know how long I live in the house but I want to dream beautiful memories and the happiness of my family. View more View full description
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