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The building is located in the center of Poland in the town of Belchatów (60 000 inhabitants). The office building is the headquarters of PGE GiEK Concern – the largest energy producer in Poland (40% of the Polish overall electricity volume). Distinguished in the company scope is the quarry in Belchatów, one of the largest opencast lignite quarries in Europe (35 million ton of raw material yearly). One of the PGE electric power plants – also in Belchatów-  is noteworthy: producing yearly an estimated 31 trillion watt-hours (Wh) of electric energy. The office building location is not accidental. Settled on the fringe of a housing district, with 6 000 inhabitants, it is the first element of the local service center and at once shapes the frontage of the new city plaza. A portion of the office employees, residing in the nearby area, resigned from the everyday use of private or public transportation. In a very undeniable manner, this aids in the reduction of pollution. View more View full description
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