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The Service Pole is a social and urban activator in an area which is in total reorganization. The building settles along the north limit of the plot, directly linked to the new urban park. It is composed of two simple volumes that centers around the patio. At the ground floor, a volume shaped as a U is integrated into the slope and forms an opened base on the south. The L shape of the first floor  rests on the base, opens on the north and creating the patio. An entrance door takes place with this covered passage between the public space and the reception space of the social pole. The primary structure is made of concrete and metal. It brings thermic slowness and structural lightness. The facades have a wooden net which gives off a warm and environnemental image. The building receives offices for social care as youth care, employment house, multimedia center, multi-purpose room, meeting rooms, training rooms, postal office. View more View full description
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