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What makes a building world-famous? The answer is most likely some combination of magnificence, size, and historical importance. But it's far from an exact science, and many of the world's most impressive architectural landmarks are therefore not very well known outside of their own locations. Thankfully, this post on Quora sheds some light on the lesser-known architectural landmarks on the planet. Read on to find out which marvels you may have missed... The first thing which you might notice is that one part of the world is extremely over-represented on this list: India accounts for about half of all the world's "little known landmarks" on the list. ArchDaily has previously discussed the forgotten and neglected state of India's stepwells, and one of the largest and grandest, Chand Baori, tops the Quora list. There are also Indian temples such as the Airavateswarar Temple and palaces such as the one in Kanadukathan. View more View full description
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