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Main idea of Beautour center is to glorify the historical Georges Durand’s mansion (a Vendean naturalist, 1886 - 1964) who got important collections. Man of rights, he quickly developped a passion for natural sciences. For 70 years, he collected plants and insects from all over Europe, with the help of his friends and fellow scientists. This is how he has been able to collect nearly 5.000 birds, 150.000 butterflies and insects, and numerous herbariums. Thus almost all 4.500 species of the french flora are hereby represented. Context  The project aims to develop educational and scientific supports themed on biodiversity, as well as a management strategy and evolution prospectives for the whole area. Beyond the thematic gardens, composting, and using rainwater for watering, that are some obvious actions, the project aims to help new forms of biodiversity to regenerate this site, abandoned for 30 years. Some plots of land have reached a state of «climax», and the global intervention presents two alternatives : either an integral preservation, either a minimal intervention that could engage a new natural diversification. Some other plots, on the contrary, have been maintained in a state of biological poverty due to frequent mowing and pasture. These ones could use a higher level of interventionism, in order for a new ecosystem to settle on a long term basis. View more View full description
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