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These are the questions that Korean architect Hoon Moon typically throws out: ‘Why so serious? Why not laugh more?’ Moon-Hoon’s works are home to a wide array of faces. Panorama House appears to be an accordion, and Rock It Suda looks like spermatozoa. He shows a mysterious spacecraft (ongdalsam) and a Gothic castle (Sangsang Museum). Some may burst out laughing at the Darth Vader image overlying Play House. However we have to keep in mind that this reaction is what the architect fully expects. We begin to wonder, then, what causes the laughter. Is the source of this laughter satire? The answer is yes; the source of merriment in Moon-Hoon’s work is satire. Now, let me ask another question: Is it possible to satirize political and social issues through architecture? Because the various facets of his works do not seem relevant to contemporary political and social issues. View more View full description
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