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The land for construction of a house in the Jizera Mountains slightly slopes towards the east. On the plot there are two mature lime trees and the land to the west overlooks a meadow. The eastern boundary of the land forms an access road at which the remote vistas of mountains ridge open. To the south of the building there is a central part of the village with baroque rectory, church and former school. The house faces to the central area of the village and offers an outlook between the church and the school. To allow for an expansive view of the Giant Mountains, the upper floor hosts the largest window in the home. The house is located behind the lime trees, with the edge of the roof running parallel to the contours of the topography, similar to many buildings in the vicinity. The formal composition of the house is based on the scales and roof shapes of local styling. Clear and comprehensible shapes are created by the gabled roof, reinforced by a unified wooden cover and highlighted by walls constructed of upright planks. A dormer penetrates the main mass of the house, bringing the attic closer to the tops of the lime trees, allowing better views of the Giant Mountains. View more View full description
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