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With everything today changing and the fishing architecture gone, the village of Sancti Petri owes its importance to the past tuna industry and seafarers. This first prize winning proposal in the competition for the urban and architectural design of the Península of Sancti-Petri aims to give back the original meaning to the peninsula by reinterpreting architectural and spatial values ​​of the past. Designed by BAKPAK Architects, this "new town" is divided into 13 themed compact-use sets, and each of them are made up of modules. More images and architects' description after the break. The beauty of the peninsula (also known in the region as “the boat”) lies in the simplicity and compactness of functional and economic architecture. This project takes that tradition and introduces new elements that adapt to the new reality of uses. The industrial architecture, pitched roofs, sequences of gables…has inspired this new architecture. This type of architecture was based on growth by adding very basic modules in terms of typology so that we can generate blocks with certain complexity. This view of planning as the sum of individual parts is the theoretical and conceptual basis of our proposal. View more View full description
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