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The Yute’s project is an extension of an existing textile warehouse, in an industrial zone close to Barcelona called Sant Just. This is the only building with colour in an area with a subdued tone, mostly dominated by concrete. The project aimed to provide colour to give character to this place, where people come to work every day. The former building included an office, packaging and storage area. The need of the clients was to enlarge the storage capacity, with the greatest possible respect for the existing part, reusing the maximum number of elements like doors, fences, windows... not only for economical reasons but also for a desire to keep any element that could still be useful. Therefore there were some parts that were removed during construction and relocated to the building afterwards: this was the case of the deliveries door at the main facade and some of the windows at the office area. The final warehouse triples its initial storage capacity, while the offices and packaging area have remained the same but have substantially varied in its distribution. View more View full description
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