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In the centre of Erlenbach, a town on the edge of Lake Zurich, a new housing building has been constructed on the premises of the Schärer Erlenbach company. The former factory, where machines for the textile industry were produced and which used to be so im- portant for the region, has also received a new front building.  The factory building and the housing building communicate with each other through their architecture and their materials. The former industrial building with its horizontal ribbon glazing uses a classical modern language. This language is also employed in the front build- ing. It gives a new face to the factory, with a big window looking out to Seestrasse. The housing building is related to the factory building in terms of scale, the composition of the facade and the large banks of windows. But concerning their materials and colours they differ distinctly from each other. Thereby the colour gives hints to the respective use of the building: the old plastered factory build- ing that accommodates several small businesses and workshops and the new front building present themselves visibly to the public in white brick, whereas the five-storey housing building with its an- thracite-coloured wood facade is elegantly withdrawn – during the design process the famous black-and-white pictures of wood- construction pioneer Konrad Wachsmann played an important role. An overall urban setting is created by the commercial activity along Seestrasse and in the factory building.  View more View full description
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