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Mar Azul is a seaside town at 400km south of Buenos Aires, characterized for his large dune beach and his leafy coniferous forest. The owners had chosen a place in the forest with a challenging topography, away from the sea and from the most inhabited areas, to construct a cottage without loosing the important presence of the landscape. The experience of a constructed house in the same landscape (Mar Azul House), with satisfactory results, allowed us to perform and develop functional and aesthetics-constructed issues in the next project, emphasizing the performance of the selected system and solving the location in the complex topography. At the moment of choosing the construction alternatives we focus on a low budget, a reduced impact in the landscape, minimum or none posterior maintenance and a short time of construction. According to these parameters, the house was solved like a concrete prism of extended proportions and minimum height. It is located on a flat surface in a field that has a strong diagonal slope (a difference of 6m between opposite corners). On this way it is scarcely modified the section of dune and the views are not interrupted from the bordering fields to the broad landscape, so that years later only a floor would be observed (in fact, the ceiling of the house), covered by dry foliage of the pines. View more View full description
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