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Original Situation Settled in the middle of the Castillian Landscape, the historical town of Almazan appears strategically on the top of a walled hill, and in the higher point is where the historical remains are surrounded by the piazza, with a strong medieval flavor. Surrounded by extraordinary monumental buildings, the Plaza Mayor de Almazan is shaped as a clear example of "Spanish Square" in the historic city. Its location on top of a watchtower and the edge of a meander of the Douro river, makes  it  a public space with a great landscape value, sharing the limelight with the sXII Wall, the Palace of Hurtado de Mendoza (s.XV) and the Church of San Miguel (sXII). In the edition of "Statistical Gazetteer-historical-Spain and its overseas possessions", edited by Pascual Madoz in 1845, one of the earliest descriptions of the Plaza de Almazan, the square is described as "nearly perfect rectangular," and added as a notable feature that "only has a corner." View more View full description
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