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Program Summary: The restoration and addition to the NABRICO building serves as the beacon for revitalization of the Cumberland River’s East Bank in downtown Nashville. Program Statement: In 1908, on the east bank of downtown Nashville’s Cumberland River, Arthur Dyer erected a 6 story 5,000sf office building for his newly founded Nashville Bridge Company. This would be the first of many structures to be built for what would become known as NABRICO.  Much later, construction of Nashville’s new NFL stadium in the mid-1990’s required the demolition of virtually all of the East Bank’s industrial facilities.  The only structure that was spared was the original 1908 NABRICO building along with two additions constructed in 1923 and 1965. Now, as part of the greater Riverfront Redevelopment initiative, NABRICO has been renovated for use in the 21st Century.  This initial phase primarily focused on bringing modern-day infrastructure and life safety features to the structure as well as adding ground floor amenities for the adjacent water park such as public restrooms, concessions and a park office. View more View full description
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