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This week we want to introduce a film by one of the filmmakers that cannot be out of this list. We’re talking about Jacques Tati, the French director, writer, and actor that made his first color movie in 1958, ”Mon Oncle”. Tati shows how the modern age affects and dramatically changes the way that people live. All the new technologies at that moment are incorporated in the scenes, were the interaction between this new concept of “modern spaces” and people is an element present in most of the movie. What do you think about this approach of how modernity influenced (or still influencing) the way of living of our societies? MAIN INFO Original Title: Mon Oncle Year: 1958 Runtime: 120 min. Country: France Director: Jacques Tati  Writer: Jacques Lagrange, Jean L’Hôte, Jacques Tati Cinematography: Jean Bourgoin Soundtrack: Franck Barcellini, Alain Romans, Norbert Glanzberg Cast: Jacques Tati, Jean-Pierre Zola, Adrienne Servantie, Alain Bécourt  View more View full description
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