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The sports hall is placed on a green triangular plot which functions as a pivot between a residential area and its natural surroundings. The original urban plan, which placed the parking between the sports hall and open air sports facilities, was turned around, placing the parking on the other side of the building. The parking is now hidden between the building and the existing green lines. The connection between the sports hall and surrounding green is optimised. Three existing trees define the shape of the building which literally flows around them. On the entrance zone, looking out over the trees, a meeting place is created which in the future can have a multi-use purpose with, for example, a children’s daycare facility. The volume of the building is divided into two horizontal strips which fold separately enveloping the programme and reacting to the surrounding greenery. The rounded corners and metal cladding with variously spaced vertical ribs generate a play of shifting grays that contrast with the green context. Big glazed facades create a strong connection between the interior and outside and a large translucent facade brings natural light into the sports hall and gives the building a distinct character during nighttime.  View more View full description
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