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  The owner’s desire for a calm and visually clear interior landscape formed the starting point of this project. The first visit to the site took place while the building was still under construction. The space in question was long and rectangular, with two enclosed long sides and two sides completely open. This openness meant sweeping urban views over Athens penetrated deep into the space; it informed the entire design process. On one side stand Filopappou Hill, an assortment of typical Athenian apartment blocks and, moreover, the dark mass of the new Acropolis Museum sitting directly beneath a view to the Parthenon. On the other side lie the yards and backs of buildings, Syngrou Avenue and, in the distance, Mount Hymettus. It was decided that the flow through this rectangular space should not be blocked by the addition of interior or exterior walls. The openings at each end would remain clear from edge to edge through the use of large glass panes. The interior space was kept completely open plan, with no dividing walls, in order to enhance the expansive nature of the space. View more View full description
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