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The Primary School nº1 in Póvoa de Varzim is a renovated example of Plano dos Centenários (Plan of the Centenaries) developed in 1941, whose typology (Douro) was designed by Rogério de Azevedo, a renowned architect from Oporto. This plan was a response to the increasing necessity and need to obtain a wide coverage of elementary schools throughout the country and is, still today, a legacy that is well present on today's network of schools. In this sense, and because respecting the original traces of the school was intended, the volume of the canteen drives ways and assumes its own autonomy with an abstract gesture that establishes new relations in the school and the exterior spaces. Its location sets boundaries to the playground to the north, and allows the definition of new circulations and connections between the buildings. Beyond that, the canteen poses itself as defining element of a new scenario. The unbroken and organic line that causes differentiating sequences of perspectives, participating, with the same purpose, in the energetic and spontaneous movements of children. View more View full description
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