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Mokrin is a settlement in the municipality Kikinda, found 13 km from the town Kikinda, in Vojvodina region. The village of Mokrin is part of a planned type of villages that have been established by the Austro-Hungariarian Empire on the territory of Vojvodina since the 18th century. These types of villages are characterized by regular communication infrastructure, organization of buildings on the plots and typology of buildings. The old estate, despite lacking special historical or architectural values of individual objects, represents a unit of ambient value, as evidence of the organization and functioning method of a larger, organized estate in the Northern Banat at the turn of the XX century. The investor's idea for the estate (presently named Terra Panonica), was to be opened for various cultural projects, comprising space for presentation of authentic products, accommodation for guests that are staying, passing through or revisiting. The concept of the estate is to interpret the village yard and ambient in a contemporary way, in order to give new meaning to the term village estate. View more View full description
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