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The project is dealing with local traditional long slender construction base with western exposure problem. To solve the sun exposure problem, we design a special Hybrid Surface Framework. Using a Double-Layer Structure to solve the issue of the base and create an interesting urban landscape. The irregular hollow bricks form the first surface of the house, it create a magnificent facade, and reduced the problem of western exposure. The second layer is a glass layer between balcony and interior. This Double-Layer Structure creates a special interior lighting at night and reduces the direct impact of wind. The elevation of structures looks like veins. Due to the special design of facade, people outside can see the human activities inside the house, but not very clearly. Those human activities are projected on glass facade but fractionalized by Hollow brick. The hollow bricks in here connect inside and outside, keeping a good privacy, and create a good link to neighbors at the same time. When looking out from the room, you can vaguely see the outdoor activities but not directly exposed to the streets. View more View full description
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