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The firm of Erik Giudice Architects has shared with us their work for the Beton Hala Waterfront mixed use project in central Belgrade, Serbia. For additional images and a extensive description from the architects please follow us after the break. AN OPEN LANDSCAPE FOR BELGRADE Beton Hala  is today an open and spontaneous cultural hub. The new building assumes this identity and provides more space for spontaneity and creativity. The layout for the Waterfront Center  takes it’s departing point from the linear structure of the existing Beton Hala. By concentrating the program on a linear strip, a park is created towards the Castle and a large multi activity promenade along the river. The new structure is highly transparent, letting through views from the river towards the Castel and from the Castel towards the river. The structure becomes a transparent filter between two complementary urban public spaces: the park and the river promenade.  On ground level several outdoor pedestrian passages connect the park and the promenade. View more View full description
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